Dr Sara Houston
Houston, Sara (2011) ‘The Methodological Challenges of Research into Dance for People with Parkinson’s’ Dance Research, 29.2, 329-351

Dr Sara Houston and Ashley McGill research with English National Ballet
Arts & Health

Dance Research (dance and neuroscience special edition)

Impact of a Weekly Dance Class on the Functional Mobility and on the Quality of Life of Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease by Lisa Heiberger et al, 2011

Foundation for Community Dance
Making it happen
Three dance practitioners, Joanna Duff, Anna Gillespie and Amanda Fogg, describe their work with Parkinson’s and link us into the developing network

Researching dance for Parkinson’s
Danielle Jones and Dr Sara Houston describe the groundbreaking research into the benefits of dance for people with Parkinson’s

“We are all dancers”: Dance and Parkinson’s disease
Dorset based dance practitioner Amanda Fogg describes her recent visit to New York to observe the Mark Morris Dance Group’s work with the Brooklyn Parkinson Group

We’re still dancing
Daphne Cushnie, independent dance artist based in Cumbria, shows the difference dance makes to the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s UK
Dance for Parkinson’s
Information about the benefits of dance for people with Parkinson’s

English National Ballet
Dance for Parkinson’s
Information about the expanding English National Ballet Dance for Parkinson’s programme

Parkinson’s Dance
Parkinson’s Patients: Yes we can Dance
A blog which gives information about dance for Parkinson’s

Dance for PD
Why Dance for PD
Ten points explaining why dance is particularly beneficial for people with Parkinson’s

Dance for PD Articles
Selected articles written by or interviews featuring participants, teachers or founders of the Dance for PD programme


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