For teachers

I’m a dance teacher and would like to teach people who have Parkinson’s, where do I

We offer various training opportunities for people who would like to teach Dance for
Parkinson’s classes.  You can find more information about training here

How do I work for the Dance for Parkinson’s Network UK?

The Network does not employ teachers to teach classes on our behalf. We support and advise individuals and organisations who would like to establish a class or already have a class running. You may wish to contact your local branch of Parkinson’s UK or a local dance school to see if they would be willing to work with you and offer support.

How can I contact other teachers in my area?

The Network holds a database of contacts for individuals who would like to teach alongside another teacher. If there are currently no classes in your region, please contact the Network to see if we have details of a teacher who may be willing to work with you.

For those with Parkinson’s

I’m not sure dance is really for me, or what class to attend. Can I attend a taster session?

All groups are welcoming to new members, although some classes have waiting lists so it’s always best to contact a teacher before arriving. Most classes are taught on a drop-in basis so you can attend class whenever you like, although it’s always better if you can attend each week so that you get to know the group. You can look through our class listings here

I would like to attend classes in my area but I can’t see any on your website. When will you start a class here?

Please contact us to be added to our database, and if a class is established in your region we can put you in touch with the teacher.

How do I know if a teacher is qualified?

When you join a class, it is best to ask the teacher how long they have been teaching for and what their background is. There are no specific qualifications for teaching dance forParkinson’s, however you could expect a teacher to have a degree or vocational qualifications in dance and to have attended intensive training and continuing professional development sessions in dance for Parkinson’s specifically.

For everyone

I would like to learn more about dance for Parkinson’s and to research some articles, do you have any resources?

You can find articles and video links in our Resources section

I’m really interested in assisting or observing a class, how do I go about this?

You can look through our class listings to find a class that is local to you. All classes have contact details displayed for the teacher or organisation running the class.