Who We Are

The Dance for Parkinson’s Network is a small but expanding group of experienced teachers dedicated to providing a high quality dance experience to people with Parkinson’s. This network includes a range of individuals and organisations spread across the country – see Find a class for details. The network represent a range of dance styles from tango to ballet and includes small classes in rural communities as well as programmes run by national organisations such as English National Ballet. Every class is run by specially trained teachers dedicated to providing participants with an exceptional dance experience.

The network has a strong relationship with Dance for PD® the pioneering programme run by Mark Morris Dance Group and Brooklyn Parkinson’s Group. The Network and its activities are supported by among others Parkinson’s UK, People Dancing and University of Roehampton 

The Network is administered by People Dancing and has an elected Steering Group comprising of:

Sara Houston, Chair
Toby Beazley, Finance and Business Planning
Melanie Brierley, Mentoring programme
Daphne Cushnie, Training
Joanne Duff, External Communications
English National Ballet (Corporate Member), Funding
Sophia Hulbert, Research
Margaret Owen, Participant
Pavilion Dance (Corporate Member), Internal Communications and Training
People Dancing, Finance and Summer School