Our Mission, Goals and Values


In the fullness of time everyone with Parkinson’s in the UK will have the opportunity to participate in a high-quality dance experience.


To support each other and get better at what we do.

To support the growth of the Network by

  • co-mentoring
  • co-teaching
  • attending conferences
  • sharing local events

To ensure more people are aware of the Network and the Dance for Parkinson’s practice, through communicating with

  • The Health sector
  • The Dance sector
  • The Parkinson’s community

and by

  • issuing invitations to participate
  • making presentations
  • undertaking public relations
  • commissioning and publishing research


The Network is person-centred, open, reflective and creative;

We are committed to person-centred practice, focusing on the needs of those with Parkinson’s and their communities;

We are open to other influences and prepared to learn from and be supportive to others;

We have a practice which is reflexive and reflective,

We are committed to inclusive practice and encouraging the individuals we work with to be creative